Lime Testing in Rajasthan, Gujarat, India
September 13, 2018
Drinking Water Testing
November 1, 2018

Water Testing

Reanjoy Laboratories Udaipur offer all types of water analyzed including testing potability/purity, impurities/toxins in Drinking water, Bottled water, Bore well, lake, river, swimming pool, effluent, process water covering all General Organoleptic and physical parameter with chemical tests like minerals, toxic substance, pesticides residues and microbiological parameter tests etc.

Our Water Testing Laboratory is one of the most advanced such facility at par with the best in the world and equipped with the latest and most sensitive instruments from Thermo-Fisher (UK), Shimadzu (Japan) etc.

Water testing is carried out as per International Standards and Methodologies (WHO / ISO / APHA / ASTM / USEPA) capable of detecting impurities at sub-ppm (parts per million), sub-ppb (parts per billion) and ppt (parts per trillion) levels.

Facilities & Services availability at  –  Test Parameters

  1. PH value
  2. Alkalinity as CaCO3, mg/L
  3. Chloride as Cl, mg/L
  4. Total Dissolve Solids, mg/L
  5. Total Hardness as CaCO3, mg/L
  6. Calcium Hardness as Ca, mg/L
  7. Magnesium Hardness as Mg, mg/L
  8. Nitrate as NO3, mg/L
  9. Fluoride as F, mg/L                                                                                                                                                         What is Drinking Water – Drinking water is water intended for human consumption for drinking and cooking purposes from any source. It includes water (treated or untreated) supplied by any means for human consumption                                                                                                                                                                               Drinking Water –Testing for potability and Safety, Physico-chemical parameter, purity and impurities, Presence of chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, and microbial contamination as per WHO/IS/EPA Standards.

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