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We believe that challenges related to analytics can be addressed and taking this type of issue to outcome approach is critical because it puts the focus where it should be. Analytics help us to make decision, taking action and delivering value for improved quality performance.

Analytical leader encourage people and industry to realize their potential and this culture ultimately help them in process improvement and decision making. A highly skilled, specialized human and analytical infrastructure enables us to provide end to end quality testing solutions.

Our focus:-

  • Ethical and prompt services with research based technical solutions.
  • Quality, Accuracy and perfectionism.
  • Better, pure and safe products and processes.
  • Customized approach to fulfil requirement, specification and protocols.

Reanjoy laboratories is an independent analytical testing laboratory with consultancy services providing a complete, unparalleled range of advanced water, mineral, chemical and food analytical services delivered by the most experienced scientific professionals . We have the capacity to support a diverse client base- from local, state and national government programs to industry, consulting and R&D-even in today’s challenging economic environment.

Customized Testing & Analysis

Testing and analysis is done using the latest efficient instruments and technologies. Our effectively team works closely with customers so that they can recommend and conduct the appropriate tests for each component to meet ever-changing material and functional requirements. We modify analysis which can answer essential business questions about critical issue such as customer preference and competitor’s strategy and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction and fill the missing gaps.

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Customized Approach


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