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We Are A Team Of Scientists

Reanjoy laboratory is the growing chemical-Environmental Consultancy firm, backed by a state-of-the-art testing lab for in western region of India. We are a highly committed bunch of diligent-scientists working industriously towards achieving the overarching goal of environmentally sustainable development of our country.

The organization promoted by technically qualified scientist entrepreneur Dr. Jagveer Singh Chundawat in year 2011. He is Ph.D (Synthetic Organic Chemistry) and worked as group leader in research and development laboratory. He has been the part of many national- international journals, patent and conferences in his carrier. He is a innovator by true means, who always search for a better way of doing things A radical thinker, who walks the road less travelled and find rare fruits for every project he takes up.

The team of Dr. Chundawat includes leader like Dr Ravindra Singh Roy who is a competent professional with several years of experience in research and development of fine chemicals and pharma products. He is skilled in implementing various quality measures to ensure operational efficiency. Dr. Roy is proficient in developing and improving process to enhance production operations through R & D initiatives optimizing resources and capacity utilization.

We are proud to introduce Reanjoy laboratories as an Independent Analytical Testing Laboratory providing a complete range of routine and advanced analytical testing services. Reanjoy is Committed to stringent quality measures and applicable standards, our processes & services are maintained to the internationally accepted ISO 9000 : 15000 enabling us to maintain quality, testing and control.

We, at Reanjoy Laboratories, are committed to provide prompt and efficient analytical services, meeting the legitimate requirements of our customer as well as the regulatory authorities. Our Analytical Development team works closely alongside Process Development chemists, to develop and then validate analytical methods. Our modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment allow accurate, reproducible analysis. Whether your needs are contract Research and Development of new methodologies or routine Quality Control Analysis.

Reanjoy Laboratories is dedicated to provide the highest quality analytical data that meets the needs of our clients and is defendable, ethical, accurate and independent. Our commitment is supported by effective quality systems, current technology, technical expertise and efficient customer service. We believe in maintaining high quality standards by continuous improvement in all operations through appropriate training, constant reviews, and participation of all the employees and by the way of technological advancement. We always strive to improve customer confidence in us, by way of constant interaction and feedback. The laboratory has planned to expand its analytical facilities to keep pace with the requirements of Industry and the society.


Water is always clean, why? Because it flows.
Obstacles can not stop water, why ? Because it flows.
A drop of water turns into a Waterfall, river, big river and ocean, how?
Because it flows. So my life, don’t stop, Just flow & flow & flow…….  

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