Know about TDS in Drinking water

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November 27, 2018

Know about TDS in Drinking water

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TDS means Total dissolved solids (a measurement of everything in your water – Good and Bad). In drinking water it is very important factor for health and test.

Total dissolve solid in water are inorganic and organic matter like calcium, magnesium, carbonates, chloride, sulphate, nitrate etc.

All these matters are important for human health but in the limitation.

High and low TDS both are harmful for us. High TDS water means overloaded minerals for body. If water TDS level is less than 100, it may result in hair fall, kidney and heart diseases.

TDS is expressed in ppm or mg/L.   1ppm = 1 mg/L

TDS limit for good drinking water as per BIS 100-500 ppm.

A TDS range from 50 to 150 ppm is best for drinking and excellent approx 100 ppm.

A TDS range from 150 to 250 ppm is good for athletes.

A TDS range from 250 to 300 ppm is fair for drinking (might bad for kidneys)

A TDS range from 300 to 500 ppm is poor for drinking (might be very bad for kidneys)

A TDS range above 500 ppm  harmful for drinking and above 1200 ppm very harmful foe human and unacceptable.

The amount of TDS in water affects its taste, too little TDS and the water tastes flat. Many people find drinking pure water (such as distilled) to be unpleasant, and drinking water that has moderate amounts of TDS to taste good.

Elevated levels of TDS do not present a health problem and are actually good for you unless chemicals like chlorine and chloramines are present.  

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are found in hard water and are good to have in drinking water. They help you get your daily recommended daily allowance of minerals.  

Water with zero TDS is bad for your health for two reasons. First, it does not supply any minerals, and research shows that we do not get enough minerals from our diet. 

Drinking water with moderate amounts of TDS may be the best water of all. In taste test, water with moderate TDS is preferred over other kinds of water. Better tasting water is important to our health because if it doesn’t taste good, you want drink it and if you don’t drink it you will be voiding your body minerals.

What is the difference between hardness and TDS in water? –    The symptom of hard water is that there is less amount of foam formation during mixing of soap in plain water. Whereas, the symptom of TDS is the taste of water, little different from the treated water.

What is “hungry water” – it is hungry for minerals. There is significant evidence that water with zero TDS will actually steal minerals from your body!

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