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What is Dicalcium phosphate ?

Dicalcium phosphate is an important source of calcium and phosphorus for feeding livestock, as such or through mineral mixture. Dicalcium phosphate animal feed grade use at Manufacturers of various Cattle Feed Raw Material used by our Member Unions for manufacturing of Cattle Feed, mineral mixture, PROCESS Dairy cattle and buffaloes require a number of dietary mineral elements for normal body maintenance, growth and reproduction etc. Read More

Why preferred Rock based Dicalcium phosphate?

In Rock based Dicalcium Phosphate manufacturing process industry use many type of raw material in which some are proper quality (rock phosphate, sulphuric acid) and some not at proper remark, these mainly bones or only by product of many inorganic or organic reactions. When we not use proper raw materials then product not up to mark including many impurities like inorganic(chloride, arsenic, lead, tin), organic compound and show instability in high temperature and producing many impurities when mix with other inorganic compounds in form of mineral mixture and generate heat (it cause of decomposition of mineral mixture). Read More

Why Dicalcium phosphate low fluorine feed grade is preferred?

Fluorine found regularly in teeth and bones but when inject in too large amount in animals feed appear toxicity in enamel of teeth so this cause of rapid wearing down of the teeth and animal are unable to eat. Mainly Bone and teeth injuries are characterizes of fluorine toxicity. Generally Fluoride compounds which have more water solubility have more toxic. The inorganic salt of fluorine is more toxic then organic compounds. Sodium fluoride has highest bioavailability after oral ingestion. Maximum rang up to 2000 ppm of fluoride in Calcium fluoride digestion of animals show toxic problem for animals. Read More

How Dicalcium Phosphate perform major role in poultry industries?

Dicalcium Phosphate poultry feed grade is an organic diet of mineral phosphate because bones meal and meat are not allowed in poultry industries. Dicalcium Phosphate uses as Nutritional supplement diets with feed formulations. Major part of poultry birds required is phosphate and calcium natural feedstuffs in their diets. Calcium and phosphorus are essential for skeletal development and normal growth with during the egg production period, for the formation of strong egg shells. So it is important phosphates reliable sources. Read More

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